NSBA Leadership Council members work on a broad variety of policy issues and coordinate their legislative focus within the policy committees of the National Small Business Association. Every two years, at the beginning of a new Congress, NSBA holds the Small Business Congress where small-business owners discuss, debate and the vote on our Priority Issues.

The following are the Priority Issues for the 115th Congress:

  1. Rein-in the Costs of Health Care
  2. Reform the Current Tax Regime
  3. Corporate Tax Reform that Includes Small Business  
  4. Improve Access to Credit and Strengthen SBA Lending
  5. Improve Small-Business Contracting
  6. Regulatory Reform and National Regulatory Budget
  7. Strengthen SBA Office of Advocacy
  8. Deficit Reduction & Entitlement Reform
  9. Improve Cybersecurity and Financial Protection  
  10. Fair Labor Practices in the Workplace
  11. Government Reform and Enhanced Bipartisanship

To “Take Action” on these and other breaking issues click here to visit the NSBA Action Alert page.

In addition to the Priority Issues, NSBA works on various other issues of interest which are crafted through our active Issue Committee structure. Any NSBA member is welcome to participate in our four Issue Committees: Taxation, Economic Development, Environmental and Regulatory Affairs, and Health and Human Resources which meet via teleconference on a monthly basis.

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