NSBA membership comes with many benefits and for an additional yearly fee those benefits can be greatly enhanced by joining one of NSBA’s Councils. There is no better way to compliment your NSBA membership, expand your business network, and gain access to valuable resources than joining one or more of the following councils.

The Small Business Exporters Association (SBEA)
SBEA serves as the international trade arm of NSBA. Membership within SBEA includes governmental advocacy on behalf of all small exporters, and on behalf of individual member companies that encounter government difficulties as they export; networking opportunities with other small and medium-sized US companies involved in exporting; and member benefits designed to save your company money as you export.

Small Business Technology Council (SBTC)
SBTC is involved in educational activities which include conferences and seminars on government procurement and other education activities for small business, government officials and officials of large companies. SBTC encourages the exchanges of ideas and information on improving the transitioning of research and development (R&D) and technology into the commercial marketplace.

Leadership Council
The NSBA Leadership Council is composed of small business leaders from around the country who are actively involved in promoting and defending issues that affect the small business community. These individuals are advocates for small business and are often willing to spend time working on these issues at the local, state and national level. Many of these leaders work with local, regional and state association and frequently have contact with their Congressional representatives. The Leadership Council provides coordination and direction to organize these small business advocates into a cohesive force through meetings, teleconferences, surveys and call-to-action alerts. Council members provide on the ground intelligence to the group on emerging issues that affect small business. (Membership by invitation only)

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